In-Home Physical Therapy Referral Process

Welcome to In-Home Therapy Services of San Diego! As a patient or referral source, we want to let you know we constantly strive to provide the best in-home physical therapy in San Diego county. We have an excellent team of therapists who bring many years of experience to the field, and are devoted to providing the highest level of therapy to our patients. The process of getting started with us as a patient or referral source is straightforward. We would like to outline the steps here to make the process easy for you.

Referral Process

  • Check the Health Insurance

    Make sure the health insurance is traditional Medicare or a Medicare Advantage Plan. Most of these plans also have a supplemental insurance attached to Medicare. We will need that information as well as the Medicare information to bill for the therapy. Unfortunately, we are not able to accept HMO plans such as Secure Horizons or Kaiser, but we do accept cash-pay patients.

  • For Physician Referrals

    We will need a prescription with the diagnosis of the condition we will be treating for therapy.  If you are a doctor’s office, use our prescription pad or feel free to use your own script. Please fax the prescription to 1-888-773-3272 with a patient demographics sheet including insurance, patient details including phone number and service address, and any pertinent medical information. We will have a therapist contact the patient to set up the first appointment.

  • For Patients or other Referral Sources

    Please contact us using our online form.  We will be in touch to gather more information about your condition and demographics. If you do not already have a referral in hand from your doctor, we can easily handle that for you. Our office will send over a referral request to your doctor and we will secure that prior to starting your first visit.

  • Physical Therapy Treatment Begins

    Once we receive the referral from the M.D., one of our therapists will contact the patient to set up the first appointment. The first visit is an evaluation of the patient’s condition and will give the therapist the information needed to set up a treatment plan for therapy. The evaluation and plan of care will be send the physician for authorization and to let the doctor know of our findings. The therapist will then work with the patient to meet his or her therapy goals, usually with treatment occurring 2-3 times a week over a period of time. The M.D. will receive progress and discharge reports from our therapists as well as any other pertinent information.

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